About the Institute for Cultural Diversity

The Institute for Cultural Diversity is a non-government organisation ( a company limited by guarantee: ACN 127 699 334) established in September 2007 to promote the value of cultural diversity for a democratic, creative and productive Australia.

Our Board

The Institute Board comprises:

Previous Board Members include:

Hon. Bruce Baird, Prof Larissa Behrendt, Renata Kaldor, Mara Moustafine, Saeed Khan, Anne Summers, 

Contact us
Honorary solicitors and advisors:  Darren Fittler, Lawyer, Gilbert + Tobin, 2 Park St., Sydney NSW 2000 : Thomas Arnold, Maddocks Lawyers, Sydney. 
Accountants:  Matrix on Board PO Box 418 Broadway NSW 2007: tel 61 (0)2 9281 1700 fax: 61 (0)2 9281 1744

Our Logo

The six squares represent the six continents from which Australia's population is drawn. The colours reflect the different influences - red and yellow with the black background of the site homepage recognises the Indigenous peoples on whose land we all live and whose cultures survive; the red (white) and blue reflects the British tradition and institutions, the green and gold modern Australia, green with orange the Irish traditions, while the orange and brown reflect its landscape and diverse peoples.