5 Things about Australian Culture that Blow Foreigners’ Minds

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Australia with its amazing people, diverse culture, mesmerizing views has always been a huge attraction for people all around the world. Australia or as some people call it Land down under’ provides many opportunities for visitors. It is sad however that the world still does not know a lot about this breath taking place. There are things that people have no clue about – even the ones who claim to know everything about Australia.

The Swearing

Australian vocabulary has a special tiny spot for a bit of Profanity to keep things interesting. You are not frowned upon if you call someone a bastard in the office area for humour or to show how frustrated you are. The trick to get away with it is to check the crowd before you let something out of your mouth. You can throw a couple of swears here and there but you certainly cannot drop a f-bomb in front of your gramma.

Equality and Eespect

Australia has an amazing standard when it comes to equality and respect. Australians care a lot when it comes to common courtesy and therefore you have to sit with the guy who is helping you out with your commute.

Casual Conversation is Important

Rest of the world intents to keep their business meeting short and to the point but not the Australians. Getting to the point directly during a business meeting is considered to be rude and aggressive.

Socialising After Work is Important

Everyday is a Friday for Aussies when it comes to chilling after work. They don’t have to wait for a particular day to hang out after day of work. They can grab a beer in the pub around the corner or a pizza from their favourite place any day of the week to relieve the stress of the previous.

20 Days Off in a Year

Australians shock the world again with the number of annual off days. In a place like Australia where people are nice and easy going one would expect that the number of holidays would to be greater, or at least equal to the rest of the world. While British people enjoy 25 days off per year, most countries have 30  holidays. However, Australians can get a day off for a horse race called the Melbourne Cup each year on the first Tuesday in November. This has got to be one of the most unique holidays around the word.



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